Lucid Future

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Lucid Future
A Spiritual Adventure:

Book Description
Publication Date: October 30, 2012

This book is about a personal quest. The protagonist, an aspiring shaman, gains knowledge of time travel, shape shifting, extra sensory perceptions, and the realities that operate beyond the familiar rules of causality. She experiences a series of adventures that put her in contact with powerful energies, extra terrestrial and spiritual beings, which radically transform her mindset.

She emerges with the knowledge that human perceptions of reality are subjective and are constantly changing; they only approximate the ultimate and unreachable truth. Her perception of her own divinity is accelerated by her awareness of the beauty, vitality and spirituality of Mother Earth, which align her with the Gaia theory. Her knowledge is expanded regarding the extra terrestrial beings, and the complexities of energies that emanate from the spiritual aspects of the multiversal reality.

From Chapter Six: Discovering the Nature of Truth

We all have the power to change our own reality, and that power is always at our fingertips: we can use it at any time, and the results will be immediate.
It took me several months to get over the vision I had at the lake. I found it disturbing that I had to completely re-experience the event, which left no doubt in my mind about the theory of reincarnation. I had encountered so much about this theory through conversations and books that I believed it was a fact. This knowledge conflicted with the familiar religious conventions. However, although raised as a Catholic, I was not a practicing one and considered myself nondenominational. Also, my thinking was directed at an internal struggle whether the facts of past lives should or should not be "disclosed" when they are traumatic. I attempted to initiate discussions about the subject with my friends, but always fell short of telling anyone of my experience for fear of being laughed at. I became more of a loner, spending my time at the studio, painting. The artistic production kept increasing and improving, eliciting favorable remarks from other students and professors, but my social life was dull, not much to talk about.

The painting I was currently working on was a large one, eight feet tall and ten feet wide. The theme included human figures that were surrounded by natural environment; it was consistent with my previous work. Yet several things had changed: I included numerous fantastic plants that were inspired by the vegetation that grew under the ocean, and the surrounding terrain was a combination of tropical fauna and corals. Very colorful, the canvas also featured several snakes and lizards, and one bald eagle. Among the lush vegetation of the background I included three thin humanoid figures with pale grayish skin and large glistening black eyes; they were hard to detect, hidden among the plants. The foreground was dominated by three nude males, muscular and idealized. A female figure was located in the center and further into the illusionary space. She was dressed in a white garment, reminiscent of those that one can observe in Egyptian tombs, worn by the goddesses-queens.As usual, I would take occasional breaks from painting by curling up in my favorite old chair, placed about four feet from the easel; it served the purpose of being my observation point for self-critiques. As I slowly scanned the painting, looking for areas to improve upon, I remembered that sometimes I could get a mental insight into creativity by concentrating on one object. I started to gaze intently at the work, with a critical eye of an expert, analyzing the proportions of the nude male figures. I wanted them to represent an ideal of masculine beauty of my own time, like the artists of Ancient Greece or Rome did before me. They were proud to represent the male body in its ideal form. After deciding that the proportions of the nudes did not need to be improved, I felt a sense of contentment. The work was well along the way. I started scanning the background, which included the several "alien" figures; they were rather hard to find among the fantastic plants, and were there to surprise the spectator.

As I looked into the painted alien eyes of the creature located on the far left and near the edge of the canvas, I slowly began to hear a voice. It seemed to be coming from outside, but then connected directly to my brain. The voice was saying that the extra-terrestrials did exist, and that they were from other solar systems. Frequently, they came from the vicinity of the constellation we call Pleyades, and others came from around the star we call Sirius. Some were from within our own galaxy, while others from several galaxies far away. The nature of those civilizations varied, but one thing was certain: they were from much older cultural constructs and were much more advanced than human beings. They did not need this planet other than for several types of research which some of them were conducting. A part of the research was done on humans and animals, but in such a way as not to cause distress or damage to the subjects. Others were here trying to help the humans to evolve into the next level of development. This period in time was very important for the human beings; it was a transition time that would lead into another, new consensus of reality. This new reality would considerably improve the relationship among the entire human race, and would bring into the foreground the importance of spirituality. "Why am I getting this information?" I responded, thinking those words rather than saying them, even though no one besides me was in the studio.

I could clearly perceive the response: "Because you have been communicating with us in your previous life times, and are ready to accept this information consciously during this one. There are a number of human beings that are currently receiving our messages and have been involved with us for several incarnations. Some are people that are working with us for the first time. "I felt a strong urge to meet the entities in person, and even better, visit one of their crafts. I was always interested in the UFO phenomena, and through the years read a number of books and articles about the issue. My interest in the extra-terrestrials was suddenly enhanced by this telepathic encounter. "I would like to meet with you soon," I thought, and tried to intuitively direct the message to the alien beings that were communicating with me.