Mother Earth, Changing Woman: Magic Circle XXIV

Nuestra Senora
de Salud
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
Our Lady of Health, or Virgin Mary Mother of God was an ancient Goddess, similar to Goddess Isis. She represents the female spirituality in Christianity. Today her miraculous apparitions are frequent all over the globe. Many Christians see her as Co-Redeemer, together with Her son, Jesus.


Mother God of Crete
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
This Great Goddess was the sole omnipotent divinity of the last major matristic civilization in Europe. It was a peaceful, nature loving and very prosperous society where both genders functioned harmoniously on equal basis. The decline of this civilization, due to a devastating earthquake, took place around 1,500 BCE.


Mother God Sphinx of Immortality
acrylic on paper, 52" x 73", module
This image is inspired by the sphinxes of antiquity. They are ancient images that represent the Great Mother of the Greeks. They came to Greece from older times, most likely through Egypt, where the Great Sphinx, a symbol of Hathor, still stands. The sphinx is the Goddess as the giver of life and immortality, or eternal life within earthly and spiritual realms.


Mother God Yemaya
acrylic on paper, 52"x73", module
Mother God Yemaya is originally from West Africa and is currently worshipped in America, particularly by those people who practice Santeria. Yemaya is the Goddess of Creation. She gave birth to fourteen Yoruban Goddesses and Gods.She is the protector and comforter, and is often compared to Virgin Mary.


Mother God Isis
acrylic on paper, 52" x 73", module
Ancient Egyptians believed that Goddess Isis was the most ancient divinity, the first God. Sekhmet and Hathor are two other versions of Isis. The religion of Goddess Isis lasted for at least six thousand years. It was weakened during sixth century c.e. after Mother Mary was introduced into Christianity.


Mother God Demeter and Daughter God Persephone
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
These two Gods were worshiped in prehistoric and ancient Greece for about 4,000 years. The rituals for Demeter and Core, some of which were secret, were among the most complex of the world. All the ancient Greeks, who also worshiped other divinities, female and male, belonged to the "Eleusinian Mysteries.

Mother God Lakshmi
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
Lakshmi's powers within Hindu religion are unlimited, she represents the active force /energy. One of the most enduring of the Goddesses who are worshipped in contemporary India, she is also regarded as the giver of abundance and prosperity.


Mother God Sekhmet
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
A solar divinity of Ancient Egypt, she is recognized as the oldest God by the Egyptians themselves. She is a divinity in possession of awesome powers, and can be fiercely protective of her people. She usually holds an ankh, a cross that is a symbol for the life force and female spirituality.


Mother God of Willendorf
She is inspired by Venus of Willendorf, believed to be the oldest image of God in existence, a small sculpture, perhaps as old as 70,000 BCE. She is an omnipotent creator and giver of life, fertility and abundance.


Mother God of Laussel
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
This Mother God's original image is between 30,000 and 20,000 years old; she represents the omnipotent power of a Mother Creator, nurturer and transformer of life and all that exists.


Mother God Tara
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
In the Orient the concept of Tara precedes that of Buddha. She is the Mother God of compassion, and the underlying divine energy of all that is. She is currently worshipped in Tibet and other countries in Asia and beyond. This Mother of humanity is also the Goddess of introspection, meditation and harmony in life.


Magna Mater
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
Magna Mater, or Great Mother of Ancient Rome, was another descendant of the omnipotent Cosmic Mother. She was one of the most worshipped divinities of the Romans -the Great Mother, the Earth Goddess and the nurturing and forgiving Lady who was there for those who needed her. She is another prototype for the future Queen of the Heaven of the Christians.


Mother God Juno
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
Similar to Demeter, this ancient Roman Goddess of Agriculture is also a descendant of the prehistoric creator, the Great Mother God. Juno was regarded as the giver of light, or Sun Goddess. She is a special protector of families and lovers.


Mother God Akua Ba
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
This Mother God of life giving powers is worshipped by the people of Africa. Her abstracted figure is reminiscent of a looped cross or an ankh, the symbol of life, immortality and the energy of the Goddess of Ancient Egypt. The figure resembles a sun disc that has a cross-like figure attached to it. The sun disc is also an abstraction of a human face.


Mother God Diana
acrylic on paper, 52"x 73", module
The Greek Goddess Artemis, or Diana to the Romans, was a descendant of the omnipotent creator Mother God: she was the Goddess of nature and Earth and a special protector of the children. She remained a virgin, which meant in antiquity that she remained single. Artemis was independent and complete in herself. She was also the protectress of the animals.


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